Let’s talk about Art…

The Oxford dictionary defines art as an application or expression of human creative skill or imagination. Typically through visual paintings and sculptures, pieces created for the beauty of it and the emotional attachment always conneted to different artistry. Art has very many branches that are part of the big tree. Like music, dance, poetry and… Continue reading Let’s talk about Art…

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Culture and Liberation Struggle in South Africa – The Conversation Continues.

Culture and Liberation Struggle in South Africa is not just a book, contributing authors to this literature did not just come together to gather words for the sake of forming chapters. It is my believe that Dr. Lebogang Lance Nawa created this bible of work with a mission in mind and that mission is to… Continue reading Culture and Liberation Struggle in South Africa – The Conversation Continues.

Ernest Tchwenyane.

A part of the technical team that contributed to the successful execution of Mother of Freedom is one Mr Ernest Tchwenyane whom I’m introducing to you today… “I joined SAST (The South African State Theatre) in 2015 as a Sound Technician, straight from TUT where I studied Performing Arts Technology now known as Theatre Arts… Continue reading Ernest Tchwenyane.

Mother Of Freedom.

I was at the South African State Theatre on September 29th 2021 for the final dress rehearsal of a piece tittled Mother of Freedom that was the opening act for South Africa at the Dubai Expo 2020. Upon my arrival, I saw a number of artists moving around trying to find their pace. Nothing was… Continue reading Mother Of Freedom.

Heritage Month at #SAST

I had the time of my life this Heritage Month. All thanks to The South African State Theatre, the theatre of Africa. In actual fact; the largest theatre in ALL of Africa. Not only is September known as Heritage month in South Africa, it is also the month of tourism and public service. In all… Continue reading Heritage Month at #SAST